"Buy less plastic." sticker


Image of "Buy less plastic." sticker

Okay, just so everyone knows, we do see the irony in selling a plastic "buy less plastic" sticker. So we're not letting you buy it. All we ask is that you pay for the postage and the envelope.

We've done the research (as far as you know) and we have determined that making the sticker available is a net positive in the bigger picture of plastic waste. For starters, the sticker is going to go on something like a bumper and will never make it into the roadside or the ocean, unless, of course, the vehicle itself winds up there. Secondly, for every sticker that's out in the world, thousands (millions?) of people get reminded that we need to get off plastic as much as possible. Or at least a little bit? We certainly don't need to keep buying plastic bottles of single serve drinks, no matter what they are, and we can most definitely reduce the amount of plastic packaging we buy if we just think about it a little bit. But we all need a reminder once in a while, because really, there is just so much on our minds these days.

It is, perhaps, a little Don Quixote to think we can clean up the plastic waste we've already created, and even to think that a few stickers could slow down the plastic machine. But at the very least, it feels better to try to increase awareness than to sit idly by and watch the madness continue. Thank you for caring.

2.75" x 8.5" vinyl sticker, screen printed with fade resistant ink.

7% of sales benefit the environment.

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